Need a Custom Dental Mouth Mirror?

From a single mirror to private label development

Riofoto offers the largest selection of dental mirrors for intra-oral photography in standard shapes and sizes including¬†buccal, lingual and occlusal. However, every so often, additional customization is needed to achieve the best fit your adult and pediatric patients. We’ve helped universities and orthodontists design and develop custom dental mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our line of custom dental mirrors are manufactured per your design template. Some custom shapes have made their way into private label manufacturing for some of our customers.

Sending us your custom dental mirror design

By mail: The best way to order a custom mirror is to mail us your design. You can create your own custom mirror by drawing the shape on a piece of paper.

EMF: Riofoto
239 Cherry Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

By email: We also accept designs via email. You may e-mail us your computer-generated design or simply draw your design on a piece of paper, scan the image, save the file, and then email the file to us.