Cleaning Riofoto Dental Mirrors

Riofoto mirrors are coated with Rhodium with a durable metallic finish. Although Rhodium offers high performance and durability the mirrors can and will wear over time if proper cleaning and care is not administered. The recommended method for cleaning Riofoto dental mirrors is steam autoclaving using the following procedure:

Cold Chemical Sterilization

If using cold chemical sterilization, Riofoto dental mirrors should be hand washed with germicidal soap containing 2% chlorhexidine then rinsed and dried immediately with a soft tissue or cloth, prior to being submerged in cold sterilization solution.

NOTE: Some solutions may permanently damage the mirror surface.  We recommend using “Medica 28 Plus” or equivalent, a 3% Glutaraldehyde reusable solution that has been fully tested and deemed safe for cleaning Riofoto dental mirrors.


We don’t specify times for autoclaving, but rather direct you to follow the protocol and times recommended by your autoclave manufacturer.  The time and temperature cycles of an autoclave will not impact the mirrors or their finish.  These mirrors have been performance tested up to 370oF (180oC).  Wrapping the mirrors in tissue is recommended, to prevent water droplets from leaving spots on the mirror during the drying cycle.  Gauze and towels can be used but may leave faint fabric weave impressions for the same reason.  These marks should wash off.

The area of concern is if you do any type of pre-sterilization cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner, or an instrument washer.  In these cases, it is important that there are no other instruments in the ultrasonic chamber, or near the mirrors in the case of the washer.  If there are, they run the risk of vibrating against and scratching the metal surface.  While rhodium is scratch resistant, stainless steel instruments will cause damage.


Chemical Sterilants

We do not recommend the use of chemical or cold sterilants. These chemicals may leave permanent streaks on the surface of the mirrors.