Best Dental Mirror for Intra-oral Photography

Digital photography is an area that is growing every day in dental offices, dental schools, and dental laboratories worldwide. We take great pride in our process and products, especially our Riofoto intra-oral dental photography mirrors. We offer a high quality product with many added benefits.

Riofoto dental mirrors are coated with Rhodium (Rh, 45), a precious metal. Not only is Rhodium high in reflectivity, but it is also very durable. Riofoto dental mirrors offer almost 20% better reflectivity than chromium-coated or stainless steel mirrors. This means clearer, brighter pictures with fewer retakes translating into significant cost savings. And, they don’t scratch easily, therefore, lasting much longer than chromium-coated or stainless steel dental mirrors.

Riofoto dental mirrors are able to withstand repeated autoclaving. They are coated on both sides for an extended life as well as ease of positioning the mirror in your patient’s mouth. With a twist of the wrist, you can go from taking a palatal (roof of the mouth) shot to a buccal (cheek) shot. 

Not only are Riofoto mirrors comfortable for your patients, but they’re also easy for you and your staff to use, drastically reducing the time it takes to capture an image. Even if you are not a trained dental photographer, your pictures will come out crisp and clear.

“I have been recommending Riofoto mirrors to the dental community since 1978. I’m very impressed with their efficiency and high standards.”

Rita Bauer
Lecturer, Consultant & Trainer in Dental Photography