Industry-leading rhodium-coated dental mirrors for intra-oral photography

Why use Riofoto mirrors?

20% More Reflective Than Stainless Steel and Chromium

Capture the best image with true color contrast every time so you aren’t wasting time and money on retakes.


Available in a Variety of Standard or Custom Shapes and Sizes

Riofoto dental mirrors feature the right thickness, rounded edges, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for the ultimate
in patient comfort.


Dental Mirrors That Are Long Lasting

Riofoto dental mirrors are the most scratch resistant, and stand up to repeated autoclaving.


Precise Maneuverability

Easy to hold, insert, and maneuver Riofoto dental mirrors respond quickly to a twist of your wrist.


About Riofoto

Riofoto dental mirrors for intra-oral photography are used by dentists and orthodontists around the world to provide clear, sharp images of various regions of the mouth, when used with 35mm or digital cameras. Riofoto mirrors are coated with Rhodium for the highest reflectance and are available in 8 standard shapes for adult and pediatric patients, including buccal, lingual and occlusal. Custom and OEM dental mirrors are also available.

As a teacher of high quality dental photography, I need a product that is consistent and allows me the best images possible. My experience with Riofoto dental mirrors has been exceptional.”

– Glenn D. Krieger, DDS, FAGD

Director, Continuum for Complete Care, Seattle, WA