Best Performing Dental Mirror

The following charts show a comparison between Riofoto dental mirrors and the other dental mirrors on the market. Rhodium-coated Riofoto dental mirrors offer better value for your investment compared to stainless steel and chromium-coated dental mirrors. Research also shows that Riofoto offers better value due to its excellent reflectivity and outstanding wear resistance. Brighter pictures, long lasting, easy to use and autoclavable to 370°F. These are just some of the reasons why Riofoto is better than anything else on the market for intra-oral photography.

Endorsed by Dentists and Dental Professionals

I have been using EMF intra-oral photographic mirrors since dental school and feel these are simply the best. I have tried other mirrors over the years and have not been satisfied with their quality. I now buy only from Riofoto.
Dr. Erik Hrabowy
Columbus, Ohio
It's a Fabulous product. Have used for 24 years. They give me clear photos of the mouth. The shapes work well. And the quality of product allows the mirrors to hold up over time.
Warren Woods
Sandwich, Massachusetts
I have been recommending Riofoto mirrors to the dental community since 1978. I’m very impressed with their efficiency and high standards.
Rita Bauer
Lecturer, Consultant & Trainer in Dental Photography