Berger Riofoto Mirror

Several years ago, I asked the EMF Corporation if they could hand-cut a buccal Riofoto intra-oral mirror to a specific shape. The goal was to obtain superior photographic images of the buccal dentition and tissues. This required designing a mirror that would offer a greater viewing area of the buccal dentition and as close to a 90 degree image as possible. The specific shape of the Berger intra-oral buccal mirror offers numerous advantages over standard mirror designs:

  • 11 Greater Patient Comfort
  • 22 Easier positioning due to superior anatomical shape
  • 33 Wider shooting angulation resulting in superior images
  • 44 Enhanced mirror stability, larger viewing area, and deeper seating in the buccal corridor facilitating view of the second molars

Whether the buccal images are intended for clinical records, lecture presentation, or publication purposes, the Berger Riofoto mirror delivers superior results.

Companies That Carry Berger Riofoto Mirrors

Berger Max Sizes

20% of the net profits from the sale of the Berger buccal mirror go to support the Craniofacial Rehabilitation Department at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada

The Division of Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery deals with facial anomalies of the face, head, neck, and upper extremity and the vascular systems. It also deals with acute repair and late reconstruction following trauma to the face and upper limbs. It is the major burns centre (or center?) for Ontario with approximately 100 patients per year and cares for patients both immediately upon injury and throughout the healing process.